mickeyvanity (mickeyvanity) wrote in newdeity,


it seems as if
true affection refuses to show itself
they come in & come out
oh, how they love to use me
but at night while a stranger lays in my bed asleep
i lay hugging myself

so with this lust we added the ingredient of drugs
it started with alcohol
you'd be surprised how much I can pour down my tiny throat
& I know he said he loved me
before he took my panties off

then came coke
the combination of razor blades
& white substances was hard to resist
plus i hear it makes you skinny
maybe somebody would love me then
if i fit the hollywood mold

i bought some blonde hairdye
and some make-up
maybe when i hide my face
i'll be good enough to be loved
& won't have to hug my knees at night.
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