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We could not ask for more than satisfaction

omorrow the night will fall -

The night can be wicked
Taunting like an embarrassing memory
The night can bring sorrow
Take hold of a soul and lead it to darkness
The night can arouse desolation
Throw ambient sounds of torpidity to dilute hope

Tomorrow the day will come -

Tranquil thought of day can feel secure
Tantalizing the mind, sharing vibrant design
The melody of day can share visions of beauty
Transverse the tangle of obligation and demand
Trenchant determination of day can be encouraging
Temptation of affection, sufficiently subdues lassitude

Tomorrow the night will fall -
Tomorrow the day will come -

Tomorrow will repeatedly elude obtention
Today inspiration is nourished internally
Tomorrow will be circumstance of fate
Today destiny is determined by desire

Today will be a perfect revolution.
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Nothing special, but check out the EBM mp3's under Gunn's - "Spila.x.Opa".