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Give me what I want

Time allows no more hesitation
I am going to get what I want from you
To many lonely nights to refuse
You are going to do what I want you to

The strength of lust is uncontrollable
I will make you follow my lead
Impatient blood thrusts thru the veins
You will give me what I need

We will finish what is started - play no more games
We will reach new heights - our veins full of flames

Though you were the dealer, I am the buyer
Just like the rabbit, I am back in the briar

If this pissed you off, please send me a message, we need to talk
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im not part of this community and probably wont join. BUT! ij ust wanted to say i love you for what you are listening to. That is MY song. My name is emily. Its my theme song. Even though im not retarded. its still my song... :) just had to let you know that that song is the sex. and so are you. you are the sex

I will have to check out your journal sometime.