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This was prompted by a freewrite suggestion, I failed at the freewrite, but worked a bit on this instead, the topic was something close to: 'write on a movie or album, that inspires you'... I was inspired by Pink Floyd's 'Animals'... It played a key role in my life and was the inspiration I used to completely detatch from sanity on several occassions.

I need only to feel something
I am numb; emotionless
No reason for thirsting
No desire to reflect
No plan to devise
What would I desire
What would I remember
Why make pointless promises

I need only to feel something
I am alone, abandoned
No friend to confide
No lover to please
No foe to hate
Who's opinion would I cherish
What good is gratification
Why enhance cruelty

I need only to feel something
I am exhausted, apathetic
No questions to answer
No secrets to unravel
No stories to share
Which answer do I choose
Would I believe if I knew
Why repeat the past

I need only to feel something
I am afraid, apprehensive
No indication of content
No comfort to accept
No sign of success
Why do I feel such thriving sorrow
When will I stop feeling isolated
What did I try to accomplish
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