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hey everyone......

heres some of my poetry. feel free to comment......

i sit here in the dark... and swallow my tears. i want you to hear me, but i cant over come my fears. i try and talk... but you scream in my face. what did i ever do to you? why am i such a disgrace? this life you live is nothing but a lie.... your a fake, a fony, and bitch you made me cry. one of these days.... you will get what you deserve. this fucked up girl is gonna fuck up your perfect world. youll ask me to stop. youll beg me.... please. ill laugh in your face.... and then ill make you bleed. this life you live is nothing but a lie... your a fake, a fony, and bitch you made me cry. whos the one crying now huh? looks like the tables have turned. i tired to love you... i honestly did. who woulda thought you would beat your kid? you see what you do to me, you see me in pain. so now what can you do now with that bullet in your brain? nothing bitch.... your dead on the floor. now i can move on and not be sad anymore. the live that you lived was nothing but a lie. you were a fake, a fony, and bitch you made me cry.
i think of you often and the things that youve done how could you say you love me.... fuck me, then run? is that all i am to you? a piece of ass? well i got news for you daddy, you cant touch me no more. this girl dont take no shit. im not your little whore. i fucking hate you. id love to see you rot. id love to cut you up in pieces.... and eat the left over parts. wait a minute, fuck that.... i know what ill do. ill be somebody daddy, and show you im better then you. i dont need these thoughts of you.... they only make me hurt. ill push you outta my head... and kick you to the drit. im not the same little girl you once thought you knew. im big and strong... and i dont need you. good bye dady.... adios, fare well. i hope you die a painful death, ill see you in hell.
my ears are still ringing with the sound of your voice. never better... always worse. my nose is still breathing in the smell of your sweat. i cant see through this shit, i cant take this last breath. i lay all alone, covered in blood... with my heart still beating, why cant this be done? i try and i try... but my life will never end. im stuck with you always, your with me untill im dead. what did i do to deserve this? why your daughter?? why me?! was i not good enough for you daddy? why cant you see? i will love you always, even though you left me when i needed you most. you fucked me, and loved me.... but then you turned into a ghost. i know its not your fault. you cant help what you did. i forgive you daddy, but please... im your kid. hold me and love me like my daddy should. you made me feel special like no one ever could.
i try to sleep, but your always on my mind. i cant see.... i cant see past your lies. i lay in bed.... with my eyes teary and swollen i think about you.... i think about how you ripped my heart wide open. i cant eat.... the thought of you makes me sick. i cant live.... i cant live this unfair life i suck it up.... i suck up and swallow my pride. im tired of living, im tired of living this lie.
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